Darren Criss. Listen Up. Chicago, NYC, Philly, Boston.

I’m mostly writing this for me, to have all my thoughts in one place. But here’s my post about all four shows I saw. (And a tiny bit on my thoughts on PP)

What a fucking rockstar…


So this show is obviously close to me, I went with my husband and Luckie. It was also before his week ‘break’ and right as he was starting to get sick. At the time, you couldn’t really tell. But looking back? There was definitely a difference. Not that he didn’t put on a great show. Of course he did. 

We did the pass the line at the HOB so that made things super easy. We were able to eat dinner (even though Luckie had to rush through hers since she was running late), get in the pass the line line, and then head inside after only waiting for maybe 20 minutes? We ended up being only about ~10ish rows back, and not long after that, they closed the pit, so pretty good timing on our part. 

This was all of our first times seeing Theo live, and oh man. I already knew a few of his songs, but I’m definitely a fan now. LOVED his set. Such high energy, totally blown away.  Also, a fucking cutie. 

I had never seen a Darren concert before. I had seen him in H2$ and AVPSY, but never an actual show. Even after watching countless youtube videos, nothing compares to seeing him live. 


After waiting in line for 7 hours on a NYC sidewalk, we finally get let into the Roseland and surprisingly enough were impressed with where we were in relation to the stage. 

More waiting, and then Charlene comes out and rocks it. Of course, Darren appears and we don’t just get one duet, we get two. Modern Nature and Dress and Tie. Both were gorgeous

This was a pretty amazing show. The biggest venue of the tour (~3400), Darren was pretty blown away, lots of industry folks in the audience, lots of his family and friends in attendance. It was pretty awesome. Darren did mention DOMA again, mentioned the MLK quote again, and yeah, introducing Not Alone got me pretty emotional. Never once in the last year have I regretted getting my tattoo, but especially now, I’m cherishing it forever.

Being able to see New Morning performed live was definitely a highlight. That’s one of my favorite songs. I played the shit out of it when it came out. So, I overcame my bitterness over missing Tu Vuo Fa L’Americano a little bit when we got that, heh. 


Oh, Philly…..

So, this is where we had VIP. We were able to relax, didn’t have to get down to the venue until 4:30 (which was good, because even if we didn’t have VIP, they weren’t letting folks line up until then, anyway). We got there a little early, and had to wait in an alleyway, where it started raining (luckily Nikki had an umbrella) so we huddled close to avoid the rain and bird poop. 

After they go to let us in, I really start to turn into a tree. I’ve met him before (very briefly) but yeah, I was not ready. Not in the slightest. Before we know it, we’re up the stairs and he’s right there. I watch Luckie and Nikki get their hugs and their pictures and yeah. Here we go. He says Hi Lindsey, thanks for coming the show (yanno, the usual), and gives me this big ‘ol hug. I honestly can’t remember what I even said to him, other than for my picture I asked if I could have a hug picture. He said, of course! And grabbed me really tight for it. Then, for the next day I was like… wtf was I doing for the picture? Was I even looking at the camera? Luckily, it turned out super nice. He’s super small and wonderful and I honestly love him so much. 

On to the show! Goddamn. Okay, so yeah. Second row, right behind his mic. CHARGEAUX opened up for them, and if you haven’t checked them out yet, go ahead, because they are awesome. Of course Theo rocked our faces (and his glasses) off. I’m so excited to see his own show in Chicago in Sept.

DARREN, my god. Seeing him that close? Pretty sure it was still some magical dream I had. Except I have picture and video proof. And the moments where he’d step on the barricade right on top of us? Yeah, holy shit.

His extra song. For the last few days I had been saying that he’s really at the end of what he has available to play, and I knew he still had Coolest Girl left. I wanted it so badly. As soon as he said he was going to move to the piano, I about died. Coolest Girl is one of my absolute favorites, and oh my god, being so close for it…. jfc. I was in heaven.


Boston just seemed to have a different kind of energy. It was his second to last show, and it showed. A few songs felt like the best versions I’d seen, especially Words, and of course, Not Alone w/Michelle Chamuel (which made me sob like a baby). He had a few long-time friends in the audience, which I think made it extra-special for him. 

All in all, I love each show for different reasons. Chicago, because it was my first. Roseland because it was so huge and you could tell he was emotional about it (especially when he went to play Manhattan and Teenage Dream). Philly because, well. Second Row. Boston because it was our last show and his energy was through the roof. 

After seeing it four times, I feel like I can comment a bit on Picture Perfect. I’ve seen so many mixed feelings on it, and I just… I don’t feel like it’s that bad. Yes, he’s a bit apologetic about it every time. He knows it’s a bit… much to drag someone on stage. But to make it sound like it’s this completely awful thing he’s doing? I never felt that way. It’s a catchy song, he’s sexy as hell when he’s singing it (seriously, have you watched his hips? Goddamn), and it’s fun. 

Overall, he’s a rockstar. He has amazing stage presence, knows how to work a crowd, can sing his face off, and look sexy as hell during the entire set. I’m so glad I got to do this, so glad I decided to do the east coast shows, too. 

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