Fic: Pants (3x18 Reaction NC-17)

Title: Pants (3x18 Reaction)

Rating: NC-17

Summary: facethefall, whenidance and a few others were discussing how few reaction fics last night’s ep has produced (especially gold pants related) so I caved. I wrote porn for people I don’t know!

I will say (like I’ve warned) that I’ve been in an incredible amount of pain all day and I hardly know what is up from down, so yeah. I TRIED AND THAT’S WHAT COUNTS BECAUSE IT WAS FOR THE GOOD OF THE FANDOM, YEAH? LOL ;)

Kurt sighs and throws his keys down. “I’m just going to…change, I guess – see if I can get ahold of Finn and find out if Rachel is in one piece mmph—“

Blaine pushes Kurt against the door and immediately slides his hands down underneath his ass, grabbing his thighs to pull Kurt’s legs up around his waist. “You are not changing out of these pants, my god,” he groans against Kurt’s mouth, and continues kissing him. He slides his hands back and forth across the smooth material on Kurt’s thighs and pushes his hips closer to Kurt. A thrill runs down his spine when Kurt squeezes his legs tighter because damn, Kurt’s legs are strong.

“Blaine,” Kurt pants, tearing his mouth away from Blaine’s. “What—“

“I have been waiting,” Blaine says, as he mouths down Kurt’s jaw, “all evening to do this, ever since you tore off that damn suit. Holy shit Kurt, these pants.”

“You saw me try them on,” Kurt says, leaning his head back. “You didn’t throw me up against the wall yesterday.”

“You weren’t thrusting your hips and showing off your cock yesterday,” Blaine whispers as he licks a line up to Kurt’s ear. “Performing turns you on, baby.”

Kurt drops his legs and pushes Blaine away. “My…what? Blaine, please tell me you’re joking.”

Blaine drops his eyes to Kurt’s pants and licks his lips. “No…nope. Definitely not joking, babe.”

Kurt glances down at his crotch and makes a horrified noise. “Oh my god – Blaine you could… you could see my dick while I was auditioning?”

Blaine smirks and presses up against Kurt again, running his fingers along the outline of Kurt’s cock. “That’s what you get for wearing such tight pants…I had half a mind to run back there after your performance and blow you right after you got off stage.”

“That means she saw my dick, and Mr. Shue, and –“

“Okay,” Blaine says firmly, his hand stilling on Kurt’s zipper. “I really don’t want to be talking about Mr. Shue when I’m about to drag you upstairs to fuck me before anyone gets home.”

“These,” Kurt swallows hard and pushes his hips forward into Blaine’s hand, “these pants really did it for you?”

Blaine nods and flicks open the button on the pants-Kurt-is-going-to-keep-forever. “I’ve been turned on for hours, please say you’ll fuck me.”

“We don’t have a lot of time,” Kurt says before he’s cut off by Blaine’s mouth.

Blaine licks past Kurt’s lips and into his mouth, his hand slowly lowering the zipper of Kurt’s pants – his fingers brushing…”Kurt,” he groans, “You didn’t tell me…no wonder.”

Kurt smirks and grabs Blaine’s hand, pulling him toward the stairs. “Unless I wore a thong, Blaine I’d have lines but I guess I should’ve worn a dance belt or something…”

Blaine’s eyes widen and he stops in his tracks. “A t-thong?”

Kurt turns around and cocks his head to the side. “Yeah, you know…wait. You like that idea?”

Fuck yes,” Blaine breathes and tears his cardigan over his head. “Maybe next time but now…upstairs?”

Kurt doesn’t answer, just grabs Blaine’s hand again and pulls him up the stairs to his bedroom. He lets out a soft noise when Blaine grabs his hips and kisses him again.

Blaine walks them toward the bed, slides his hands around and down into Kurt’s pants, grabbing as much of Kurt’s ass as he can with how tight the pants are. “God I love these pants, you’re keeping these forever,” he says into Kurt’s mouth. “I wonder if you could fuck me with them still on.”

Kurt’s hips jerk when Blaine’s finger slides along the crack of his ass and he groans. “Too tight, no way. And I’m not risking getting come stains on them.”

Blaine pouts and starts to push Kurt’s pants down slightly. “I can’t believe you didn’t warn me you didn’t have anything on underneath.”

“You’re wasting time, less talking, more of this,” Kurt says as he pulls Blaine’s shirt up over his head. “Get on the bed, I have to…work myself out of these pants.”

Blaine snorts and unbuttons and unzips his slacks before he sits on the edge of the bed. “That is the sexiest thing I’ve heard all day.” He presses his palm against his cock and closes his eyes briefly. “Want some help?”

Kurt bites his lip and stares at Blaine’s hand. “No you uh, I can get it. You just get naked and yeah,” he swallows hard and bends over to start tugging at the legs of his pants.

Blaine’s jaw drops and his hands still where he has his slacks and briefs mid-thigh. “Fuck,” he groans. “You’re so…flexible. Those kicks you did, jesus, Kurt.”

“Focus, Blaine,” Kurt smirks and continues to wiggle his pants off. “Not a lot of time, remember? Naked. Bed. You. Now.”

Blaine kicks his slacks and briefs off the rest of the way and leans back against Kurt’s pillows. He wraps his right hand around his cock and slowly pumps his fist while watching Kurt finish taking off his pants. “C’mere,” he says once Kurt folds the pants over his chair. “Leave your shirt on, I want to take it off.”

“Oh?” Kurt says, his fingers stilling over the first button. “I think I can handle that,” he smiles and crawls over Blaine. He closes his eyes and takes a deep breath when his cock brushes Blaine’s hip.

“Mmm,” Blaine smiles and starts working on the buttons of Kurt’s shirt. “I can’t stop thinking about how fucking sexy you were up on that stage, you owned that song, baby.”

Kurt blushes and ducks his head, his hips dropping fully against Blaine’s. He thrusts his cock against Blaine’s while Blaine finishes popping open the buttons on his shirt and moans at the contact. “I want to take my time, but-“

“I know, I know,” Blaine nods and helps Kurt out of his shirt. He whistles when Kurt lifts his undershirt off and grins. “My boyfriend is so sexy.”

“Okay,” Kurt shakes his head and flattens his body against Blaine. He kisses him and licks against his lips, just barely. “You’re already forgiven for not complimenting me enough. I get it,” he smiles and kisses him again – this time harder and with more purpose.

Blaine delves his fingers into Kurt’s hair and pushes his hips up – it feels great – but as much fun as coming like that could be, they are on a schedule. “Kurt, we have to, please, need your cock in me.”

“Right,” Kurt nods and reaches over to open his nightstand drawer, grabbing a bottle of lube and a condom. “How do you want…?”

“Hmm,” Blaine grins and runs his hands down Kurt’s chest. He licks his lips and pushes his hips up in a circular motion. “From behind,” he sighs, his eyes rolling back. “Mmm, yeah.”

Kurt drops the lube and condom on the bed beside them and starts kissing down Blaine’s chest. He reaches down and grasps Blaine’s cock in his hand. “You sure? We don’t really do that too often. I know you like to watch.”

Blaine’s breath catches in his throat and he nods. “Y-yeah, I want it. Want your body covering me from behind. Just…just finger me this way, though. Please.”

“I got you,” Kurt says into Blaine’s chest and reaches over for the lube. He nudges Blaine’s legs apart and nips at Blaine’s stomach. “Love you.”

“Love you too,” Blaine says and arches his back when he feels a lubed finger pressing inside. He fucks down on Kurt’s finger and reaches back to grab ahold of a handful of pillows when he feels a second finger join the first. “Ah, ah, yeah,” he groans.

Kurt smirks and scissors his fingers, slowly stretching Blaine. “Mmm, I can’t wait to take you from behind, grab on to your waist and just,” he fucks his fingers in and Blaine whines.

“Third, now,” Blaine pants. “Fuck, Kurt, and stop being so mean I know what you’re doing.”

Kurt pushes a third lubed finger in and kisses back up Blaine’s body. He nips at Blaine’s jaw and crooks his fingers. “You mean, this?”

Blaine arches his hips off the bed and squeezes his eyes closed. “Oh, fuck, yes,” he cries. “Now, Kurt. I’m ready.”

“Mmm,” Kurt hums and slips his fingers out. He taps Blaine’s hips. “Roll over.”

Blaine already feels the loss from Kurt’s fingers and hurries onto his hands and knees. The first time they’d done it in this position he felt incredibly silly and exposed like this but now he knows just how much it turns Kurt on, and how hot the sex is and he feels like he is throbbing with need. “Kurt, please.”

“Yeah, I just had to,” Kurt says as he finishes sliding the condom on and slicks himself up with lube. “Such an amazing ass,” he whispers.

Blaine turns his head back toward Kurt and raises an eyebrow. “Kurt?”

Kurt blinks rapidly and shuffles behind Blaine. “Right, sorry. Your ass is very distracting.”

Blaine was about to think of some witty retort, but his words die in throat as he feels the blunt tip of Kurt’s cock at his opening. “Oh,” he gasps. He drops his head onto his forearms and bites his lip, trying not to just fuck back onto Kurt’s cock.

He feels Kurt grip his hips and slowly slide further into him and god, the angle is so good.

“Oh god,” Kurt gasps once he’s fully inside Blaine. “We should…yeah. This way is amazing.”

Blaine rolls his hips and oh, that felt good. “Kurt, move.”

“Y-yeah,” Kurt says and grips Blaine’s hips even tighter.

Kurt starts to pull out slowly, pausing when only the head of his cock is inside Blaine. “Blaine, fuck. That’s so hot…why is that so hot?”

Blaine grits his teeth and squeezes around Kurt, smiling triumphantly when Kurt lets out a long, breathy moan. “It’s us, of course it’s hot. Now, please, before I, oh fuck,” he whines when Kurt slams back into him. “Kurt!”

Blaine tries to reach down to grasp his cock, which has been severely neglected but is promptly batted away by Kurt’s hand. He is about to whine in protest but Kurt is suddenly covering him completely and if that isn’t one of his favorite things, he doesn’t know what is. He works his hips up to match Kurt’s thrusts and he can barely catch his breath because oh that sudden change in angle is making Kurt hit his prostate and fuck.

“You feel so good,” Kurt pants in Blaine’s ear. “I got you,” he says as he reaches down and wraps his hand around Blaine’s cock.

“Ah, ah, ah” Blaine whines. The grip on his cock is just barely enough and Kurt is fucking into him hard enough that Kurt barely needs to move his hand but it all feels so good he doesn’t want it to stop. “I n-need—“

Kurt groans into Blaine’s neck. “What do you need, baby?” He tightens his grip on Blaine’s cock and pumps his hand a few times. “Do you need to come?”

Blaine’s orgasm sneaks up on him, sudden and quick. He feels his whole body stiffen and suddenly he’s coming all over Kurt’s hand and the bed. “Oh, fuck,” he pants into his arms. Kurt is still fucking into him and he whimpers. “Kurt…”

Kurt leans back again and grasps Blaine’s hips. “You can take it, l-little more,” he pants. “I could feel you come, Blaine. Jesus, you got so tight.”

Blaine lets Kurt fuck into him and he’s sensitive but it still feels good. It always does. He can tell Kurt is close, by the way Kurt’s grip on his hips is so tight, by the way he’s fucking him even faster now than he was before, and how he’s letting out these little breathy oh, oh, oh’s.

And then he slams in, hard, and doesn’t move, Blaine’s name coming out in a low moan and fuck if Blaine doesn’t think that’s the sexiest thing, ever.

When he goes to pull out Blaine reaches back quickly and puts his hand on Kurt’s hip. “No, stay? Just for a minute. Please?”

Kurt nods and lies back on top of Blaine. “You’re cleaning the sheets this time,” he sighs.

“Mmm,” Blaine murmurs and turns to kiss Kurt once he’s close enough. “That’s the one bad thing about that way, I don’t really get to kiss you during.”

Kurt smiles and kisses Blaine again. He shifts his hips and winces. “It’s easier to stay inside though. You like that.”

Blaine nods and flicks his eyes towards the clock. He frowns. “We should get cleaned up and dressed. Sam should be home any minute now.”

“Yeah, and I need to see if Rachel will answer,” Kurt sighs. He reaches up to run his fingers through the hair on the back of Blaine’s head. “So, gold pants, eh?”

Blaine closes his eyes and sighs contently. “Yes, yes. Every day, yes.”


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