klainehiatuschallenge day 34 - favorite klaine moment ever

❝I want this to be more than just an ordinary proposal. I want this to be a cultural statement.❞


anything you want, anyway you want it (kurt/blaine, nc-17)

contents: bp!kurt, shy!kurt, dirty talk, swearing, masturbation, toys, fingering, squirting, mild begging, consensual humiliation. 

summary: “i wanna see you fuck yourself.”

a/n: for Claudia, as is everything I’ve written.

Kurt had been shy the first time Blaine suggested thisblushing and and fumbling with himself and twisting his hands together, while casting his eyes around the room nervously. He had looked anywhere but the spot on his bed where Blaine sat, as soon as he heard Blaine breath out the words: “I wanna see you fuck yourself.” 

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klaine meme | day 1: I Love Klaine Because…

they are the biggest dorks ever

"I love you Kurt. I’m sorry if that freaks you out but this part, the romance and the love part, I’m good, I’m done, I want you." "It doesn’t freak me out—not in a bad way."


show me the secrets hidden in your thighs (kurt/blaine, nc-17)

prompt: kurt loves blaine’s dalton hoodie, and blaine loves making love to kurt. (bp!kurt, underage, age difference, toys, dirtytalk, a bit size!kink)

based on several of my friend tk's drawings like t h e s e. she’s such a talented artist and i adore her to the point that it’s unhealthy (✿◠‿◠)

also dedicated to britney. love you babu

Small, is the only word that pops up in Blaine’s mind as he lays Kurt down on the bed. The younger boy is still wearing his over-sized Dalton hoodie, the shirt too big for his small frame, sliding off his pale shoulders with its hem falling down to his thighs. It’s cold, Kurt has reasoned, but he looks so, so small like this that Blaine’s throat restricts with the urge to scoop him up and hold him against his chest, shielding him away.

"Blaine," the small, whiny whimper that escapes Kurt’s lips shakes Blaine from his thoughts. Blaine looks down only to meet Kurt’s eyes as he lets his legs fall open in a silent invitation. It’s probably illegal or something, Blaine thinks, but he chances to cast his eyes downwards, staring shamelessly at the damp front of Kurt’s panties, which is exposed now that the hem of his shirt is hitched up, inviting and provocative. "Blaine,” Kurt tries again, drawing his name out like a reminder, “Please.” 

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Shhhh! (part three)
1.5k, Rated PG

It’s a high school-age library au, whee. 

AO3 for previous parts 

Darren is pretty sure of a few things: that Chris likes hanging out with him, that Chris likes making out with him, and that Chris likes… him.

He’s not at all sure why Chris looked like he was about to piss himself when he saw Darren in school or why he cold-shouldered so hard that Darren is still feeling the freeze burn of it, but Darren’s not the type of guy easily dissuaded from things he wants.

And he does want Chris. He’s a senior, he only has a few months left in this school and the future is big and wide and open after this, but he’s not going to be so wrapped up in what comes next that he lets right now go to waste.

He realized he was fucked the first time he daydreamed about taking Chris to prom.

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Chris Colfer Set Interview
We’re on the set of Hot in Cleveland for this interview. What does Chris Colfer have to say about his role on the show?